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Hey Hi, I'm Sandeep.

I'm a UI & UX Designer.

And I am from Chicago.

“Eventually everything connects- people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections in the key to quality per se.”   -Charles Eames


Minent Global

Minent Global is an IT Solution firm that has clients across the world. They are in need of an attractive and simplified design concepts to attract the market. So I helped them redesign their brand and web pages to help them increase their market and also user experience. Apart from these I designed a software application to manage employee records, pay roll and working schedule.



Being a part of Amazon, we rely on customer feedback and their inputs towards our services and resolutions. At the end of the day it is important that we value their feedbacks. So we at Amazon are responsible for designing "CDP Portal", one which helps every employee get their feedbacks evaluated and help them get much closer to their customer issues.

      Private Project

Dentists Advantage

Dentists Advantage is a professional Liability Insurance for Dentists. And I am solely responsible for delivering the user experience and also interfaces for a portal that will be used by the Agencies and also underwriters at Aon Affinity.

      Private Project

AICPA Web Application

AICPA is one of many Aon applications and digitalizing the whole process of application and renewal is a task that was taken up. Here in this project, I worked closely with the business unit and also the development team to deliver a professional standard application design that is meeting both the agent and customer needs at the same time. UX Research played a crucial part in this project.

      Private Project

Brazil Travel Insurance by Aon & Paypal

Aon integrated with Paypal to deliver a travel insurance application which is used in several countries around the world. The goal of the project to deliver an online web application

      Private Project

STP Style Guide

The Style guide is used across various Aon applications. Studying all the applications and understanding their user flow is part of the research to design a unique low key Style guide with a unique Font face and also Color palettes.

      Private Project


GigaOwl is a Web-based Server education and course management software that helps the students, teachers and the school management. The application will help students in their course enrollment, contact their teachers and vice versa.


Fitness Center App UI Kit

Workout Fitness Center is a mobile application designed for a Fitness Group with which you can handle your daily routine activity, fitness activity and many more. Apart from tracking, the application will also act as your personal trainer helping you train through various workouts based on your requirement.


Valcal Solutions

Valcal Solutions was in need of a developer and designer who can deliver world class designs and front end interfaces for their clients. We at Valcal design interfaces for several calibration systems. These interfaces are for tablets and laptops which connect directly with the equipment. Apart from this we also took the challenge of redesigning their web pages and employee portals.


Aural - An Audio Journal

Aural is an Audio Journal, iOS Mobile Application that can be accessed even through a web application and a users login credentials to access his data. The application provides a mood tracker along with a secured PIN protection.


MLR Group

MLR Group holds the largest chain of Engineering colleges and schools in South India. The institutions conducts several technical meet-ups and cultural events welcoming all the students from other engineering colleges. The web and print designs that I design should reflect the college standards and also the integrity of the event.



Hey, I'm a UI & UX Designer. Pushing up the pixels to its limits to solve complex business problems is what I do best. I have experience in branding, developing prototypes, wireframes and websites.


Working with Amazon has always been the best part, we create designs and experiences to make an impact. Apart from this I have worked for several organizations and clients who are in need of branding, prototypes, wireframes and web designs. I love building new things, starting with a blank paper or an early stage prototype explaining the concept to transforming it into a real-time application.


You can view and download my Resume here.


Web Design

UX Research

Interface Design

Data Visualization


Print Design



Adobe Creative Suite


Adobe XD







Do you speak Tamarian ? It's okay if you don't, I can speak English too.


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