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MLR Group holds a large chains of Engineering Colleges and Higher Education Schools. I was the sole web & graphic designer responsible for carrying out multiple branding designs and marketing web designs. Working for one of the top engineering colleges comes with a lot of responsibility and guidelines.


There are several technical and non-technical events organized at the university. Being a graphic designer I take the responsibility of designing marketing strategies and also interactive marketing designs that talk about the college and its culture. Apart from these I also develop marketing websites allowing students from various parts of India register for the event. This information is then redirected to the databases at my center. Managing the marketing and web designs solely and making sure to meet the target deadlines will help you teach yourself a great deal of things.


Managing 6 marketing websites

Developing interface designs for student login portal

Branding Designs

Marketing brochure for technical events

Brochure for MLR Group

Motion Graphics

Database Maintenance