Valcal Solutions

Branding & Interface Designs.




Valcal Solutions was in need of a front end developer who can deliver world class designs and front end interfaces for their clients. My first project was to develop web application and branding for Valcal Solutions after which I started designing interfaces for several validation equipment applications, that include applications for tablets and PC.


Taking up the challenge to redesign the company branding website and their applications was an important step in extending their business to another 4 countries. I was the sole interface designer and developer, meeting the dead lines and making sure that the designs carry out professional interactive look are my only point of interest at that period of time.


The interfaces that I design for their calibration and industrial equipment should be easy to navigate and understood by the employee as well as the technician. In order to ensure, I did a lot of field research and equipment requirements from employee as well as technician. In doing so I was able to understand what exactly should be reflecting on the interface and how it should reflect, making the users work more easy.


The equipment is interfaces with smart tablets and PC that display several statistical information and heat signature images. All these are to be displayed on the tablet with a great scaling image and should be understood easily. So I took up some key concepts to design the interface applications which are easily accessible.


Based on the requirement, I designed interfaces that show various statistical logs with respect to time stamps. Along with some large button icons that should be easily accessible while at work. The heat signature images are to be recorded and displayed on a separate page.


Valcal Solutions delivers several reports related to validation and calibration, for various medical sector industries. As a web and interface designer I am responsible for delivering several components interface designs. They carryout several components and industrial equipment which are interfaced with smart tablets and PC. And these devices have complete access and control over the equipment. I came in contact with several developer and engineering teams to design the interfaces on ipad and android tablets.